Pap Tests, Cervical Cancer, and HPV Folding Display

ITEM: 79311


Perfect for clinics and women’s health programs, this informative folding display explains why regular Pap tests can save a woman’s life. Discusses abnormal Pap results, the role of HPV in causing cervical cancer, how HPV is spread, and HPV testing and vaccination recommendations.

Our Pap Tests, Cervical Cancer, and HPV Folding Display is a great women's health education resource for cervical cancer prevention. Learn more on our site!

Detailing the important role Pap tests play in the early detection of cervical cancer, this folding display covers:

  • What the Pap test is for
  • Who should have Pap tests
  • What abnormal Pap test results mean
  • Treatment for cervical cancer
  • The role of HPV in cervical cancer
  • Other health problems caused by HPV
  • Prevention of HPV infection
  • HPV testing and vaccination

A great resource to raise awareness about cervical cancer screening, HPV vaccination, and the importance of Pap and HPV testing. 58" x 22½" opened.