Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model Set, Beige

ITEM: 78500


Packed full of educator essentials, our Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model Set helps you easily demonstrate the entire birth process. Made of durable beige cloth to represent a fetus with beige skin tone, the cloth Fetal Model can demonstrate any presentation or position. The Fetal Model’s plastic head includes palpable anterior and posterior fontanels. The set also includes a Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model, which is easy to manipulate, facilitating demonstration of how the pelvis moves to accommodate delivery and allowing delivery of the Fetal Model; a Perineal Cloth Model that attaches to the pelvis to show stretching of the perineum and possible episiotomy; and a Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model. The Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model Set is also available with Fetal Models representing brown or dark brown skin tones. The perfect resource for any childbirth education class.

Our deluxe childbirth education model set includes a flexible pelvis model, a fetal model, and more to allow you to demonstrate the birth process. Learn more!

With a deluxe pelvis model that is easy to manipulate for childbirth demonstrations, this comprehensive childbirth education model set includes:

  • A 19"-long Fetal Model with a durable beige cloth body that can demonstrate any presentation or position and a plastic head that features palpable anterior and posterior fontanels

  • A Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model (10½" x 7" x 7½") that can accommodate the delivery of the Fetal Model

  • A Perineal Cloth Model (5" x 6½"), which attaches to the pelvis with elastic straps and is perfect to show stretching of the perineum, possible episiotomy, and the emergence of the fetal head

  • A Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model (7" x 8"), that allows the Fetal Model to be shown inside a simulated amniotic sac and features a snap-on umbilical cord that can attach to the Fetal Model’s simulated belly button, a convenient drawstring to close the sac, and accurate two-color rendering of the amniotic and chorionic membranes

Each model is also available separately. The Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model Set is also available with Fetal Models representing brown and dark brown skin tones.

For childbirth education on-the-go with the model set, use our Childbirth Graphics Tote Bag, which is the perfect accessory to transport all of models in the set from one teaching location to the next.