Teen Self-Esteem Workbook

ITEM: 50259


Lead teens toward their personal and professional goals by helping them develop healthy self-esteem. Designed for facilitators working with young people, this book combines reproducible self-assessments, journaling, educational handouts, role-playing activities, and more to help teens practice strategies to build self-esteem. 126 pages.

Filled With Reproducible Self-Assessments, Handouts, Activities & More, This Workbook Guides Facilitators In Helping Teens Build Healthy Self-Esteem.

Featuring reproducible self-esteem worksheets, self-assessments, handouts, and exercises, this book is a great aid for facilitators working with teens to help build self-esteem. The book is divided into five sections related to teens: self-esteem, self-worth, assertiveness, self-understanding, and self-responsibility, which assist teens in self-reflection of their thoughts and feelings. Reproducibles are ideal for working with either individuals or groups. 126 pages.