Smoked Lung Model

ITEM: 26813


Blackened beyond recognition by a constant barrage of tar, this 5" x 9" x 4" lung yields not a single hint that it was once a smooth, pink, efficiently functioning organ. Damaged beyond repair by cigarettes, this BIOLIKE 2™ model of a right lung shows severe damage from emphysema and features a cross-sectioned upper lobe that reveals a fibrous pale-white cancer. Great for smoking cessation and tobacco prevention programs.

Great For Smoking Cessation & Tobacco Prevention, This Blackened Lung Model Depicts Damage From Emphysema & Cancer. Leaves A Lasting Impression.

This realistic, 3-D model lets viewers see just what cigarette smoking does to their lungs. When the top is opened, a grayish-white fibrous-feeling cancer is revealed. Made from BIOLIKE 2™ synthetic tissue, this model of a right lung with emphysema and cancer is excellent for individual and group instruction. 5" x 9" x 4".