Feel For Yourself: Prostate Conditions Display

ITEM: 26807


Provide evidence men can see and feel to explain why their healthcare professionals may recommend prostate exams. Display (11" x 8½") contains five soft BIOLIKE 2™ models that show the differences among normal, benign hyperplastic, and cancerous prostates. Perfect to start discussions between healthcare professionals and their patients about the risks and benefits of prostate cancer screening.

Explain prostate conditions, prostate cancer, and prostate cancer screening with this men's health education display with lifelike models. Learn more more!

By comparing these lifelike specimens, men can understand why routine prostate exams are performed for prostate care and early cancer detection. Features five BIOLIKE 2™ models of normal, benign hyperplastic, and cancerous prostates. A palpable teaching tool. 11" x 8½".