Mini-Testicle Model, Beige

ITEM: 26935
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100 – 499$5.50
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Simulating the feel of a scrotum and testicles containing two lumps, one in each testicle, this model is a great way to promote the importance of testicular self-examination (TSE) for the early detection of testicular cancer. Made of lifelike synthetic material, models are individually boxed. Perfect as giveaways at health fairs or for any men’s health event.

With A Lifelike Feel, This Mini Testicular Self-Exam (TSE) Model Contains One Lump In Each Testicle. Great To Promote Early Testicular Cancer Detection.

Emphasize the importance of regular testicular self-examination (TSE) with this small model made of palpable, lifelike BIOLIKE 2™. Contains one lump in each testicle. Individually boxed in 2" square boxes.