TB Testing Arm Set

ITEM: 26593


Designed to educate students but also perfect to discuss TB results with patients, this pair of sturdy models explain how to read Mantoux TB test results. The pair of beige and brown models realistically depict TB reactions with realistic variations in size and pigmentation. Comes with informative instructions.

Perfect For Use With Healthcare Students And Patients, These Beige And Brown Models Depict Realistic Tuberculosis (TB) Test Reactions With Variations.

TB or not TB? That is the question. Students can search for this answer with the help of these sturdy models that teach healthcare professionals how to read Mantoux TB test results. The models also serve as visual aids for explaining readings to patients. Models realistically duplicate TB reactions with variations in size and pigmentation. Set includes one beige and one brown model. Comes with instructions to assist in reading measurements, which should be read on the basis of the measurement of the induration (swelling), not erythema (redness). Each model measures 3" x 6½" x 1". Deluxe TB Testing Arm Set (item #26620) also available.