Mighty Muscle Set (1 lb and 5 lb)

ITEM: 26023


See and feel the strength of flexed muscle clusters with these models, which represent 1- and 5-pound flexed muscle clusters. Sturdy and dense, the models demonstrate how exercising makes muscles powerful and strong. Set comes with a carrying case and a two-sided tent card that provides additional information about the many benefits of physical activity.

The Mighty Muscle Set includes lifelike 1 and 5 pound models of flexed muscle clusters that are perfect to teach about why exercise matters. Learn more here!

Made to represent the look and feel of a 1-pound and a 5-pound muscle cluster while flexed, these two models graphically illustrate the benefits of physical activity. Use in comparison with our 1- and 5-pound Fat Chunk™ Model Set (Item #26017) to highlight the differences between muscle and fat. Comes with a carrying case and an informative, two-sided tent card that discusses the multiple benefits of physical activity, including stronger muscles, better posture, weight control, stronger bones, improved blood-sugar control, and reduced blood pressure and cholesterol. The 1-pound model is 3½" x 3½"; the 5-pound model is 7½" x 5". Actual weights of models are approximate and may vary slightly.