One-to-One Chart Set, Bilingual(4)

ITEM: 90629


With grommets in the upper corners for easy display, these four laminated, bilingual English/Spanish charts (16½" x 11½") in our One-to-One Chart Set feature black-and-white illustrations on the back that provide additional information. Great for teaching students and expectant parents.

Explain the normal processes of labor and birth with these four teaching charts that cover cervical dilation, pelvic station and more. See what’s included here!

These four engaging charts use colorful artwork to explain the normal processes of labor and birth. Charts cover pelvic station, cardinal movements, posterior position and rotation, and progress in labor. Black-and-white illustrations on the back of each chart provide additional information. Bilingual English/Spanish. Each chart is laminated, includes grommets for easy display, and measures 16½" x 11½".