Cervical Dilation Easel Display

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Handpainted, 3-D models graphically demonstrate cervical dilation from 1 cm to 8 cm, as well as the thinning of the cervix. The display sets up as a tabletop display or hangs on a wall. A perfect tool to facilitate teaching of cervical dilation and effacement. Includes protective fleece cover.

Use this premier childbirth education teaching tool with models to explain cervical dilation and effacement to patients and students. Learn more details here!

Best Seller!

Eight 3-D, handpainted models accurately represent the progressive stages of cervical dilation and effacement on this easel display, which sets up as a tabletop display or can be displayed on a wall. The models depict the cervix dilated at 1 cm through 8 cm, making it excellent for training purposes. The first four models in the set have a soft BIOLIKE 2™ center, duplicating the feel of the amniotic sac. Comes with protective fleece cover. 9" x 12".