Deluxe Breast Self-Exam Model

ITEM: 78507


Created with durability and realism in mind, our Deluxe Breast Self-Exam Model is the perfect educational tool to teach women about breast self-awareness for the early detection of breast cancer. Made of lifelike synthetic tissue, the model is designed for use with the included beige and brown slipcovers, allowing it to withstand long-term, repeated palpation by multiple users. Features palpable and non-palpable lumps. Comes with bilingual English/Spanish presentation instructions and a convenient carrying case.

Our Deluxe Breast Self-Exam (BSE) Model teaches women about the role of breast self-exams and mammography for breast cancer detection. Visit our site to order!

Lifelike and durable for long-term use, our deluxe breast model is ideal for emphasizing breast self-awareness through breast self-examination and mammography. Made of highly durable, ultra-realistic, synthetic material that accurately represents the feel of actual breast tissue, the model contains palpable and non-palpable lumps, which underscore the importance of breast self-examination (BSE) and mammography. Includes bilingual English/Spanish presentation instructions that highlight the importance of breast self-awareness and explain how to perform breast self-exam using the vertical or circular pattern. Comes with a convenient carrying case. A great addition to any women’s health program.