Daily Saturated Fat Checker US

ITEM: 72631


If saturated fat is a big part of your daily diet, the odds of having serious health problems are stacked against you. Featuring a thermometer-type scale, this display (7½" x 16" x 3") helps viewers tally up their intake of saturated fat by stacking spongy fat discs. Each disc represents 1 gram of fat. Participants are surprised at how fast the fat stacks up! Comes with 40 discs, 20 illustrated food cards, and an activity guide detailing four engaging activities.

Teach the importance of limiting dietary saturated fat and how quickly it stacks up with this fun, interactive display. Comes with activity guide. Learn more!

Limiting daily saturated fat consumption is key to a healthy diet. This interactive checker provides a powerful visual to help participants see how the food choices they make each day affect the amount of saturated fat in their diets. By stacking spongy fat discs that each represents 1 gram of fat, it’s easy to see how quickly saturated fat can stack up. The checker includes:

  • 49 Fat discs
  • 20 Illustrated food cards
  • Activity guide with four fun activities that help participants see how saturated fat can stack up and understand how to make healthier choices

A fun, interactive way to teach about dietary fat. 7½" x 16" x 3".