Healthy Eating From Head to Toe For Expecting Moms Poster

ITEM: 70102


Highlighting healthy food choices for different parts of an expecting mom’s body as well as for her growing baby, this colorful, laminated poster (18" x 24") leaves a lasting impression. Promotes healthy foods for the eyes, teeth, skin, bones, brain, hair, heart, muscles, and digestive system. Also emphasizes key nutrients to consume for a healthy baby.

Show expectant moms healthy food choices that that can fuel their own and their babies’ bodies! Emphasizes key nutrients for pregnancy. Visit our site to order!

Inspire pregnant mothers-to-be to make healthy food choices to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. This colorful poster highlights optimal food choices for different parts of a pregnant mother’s body along with foods with the essential nutrients developing babies need, such as folate, iron, protein, calcium, and vitamin D. A great addition to childbirth educatin classes and healthcare professionals’ offices. Laminated. 18" x 24".