Patient Care Manikin, Weighted

ITEM: 54240


Guide students and families in basic patient handling with this manikin that is perfect for practicing patient transfer, bathing, bandaging, and changing surgical dressings. Comes weighted (125 lb), and legs and arms are fully articulated. Teaches general hygiene and bath procedures, as well as proper positioning in bed, wheelchair, bedpan, or toilet. Comes with accurate, interchangeable genitalia. 51" long.

Use this fully articulated manikin to guide students and families in basic patient handling, transferring, bathing, bandaging, and more. Learn more here!

Lifelike and life-size, this anatomically correct manikin comes weighted. Manikin limbs are fully articulated, enabling staff or family to learn patient handling and transfer, as well as correct positioning in bed, in wheelchair, on bedpan, or on toilet. Perfect for practicing bathing techniques and general hygiene procedures, the manikin also has interchangeable, accurate male and female genitalia. 125 lb; 51" long.

Unweighted Version (Item #54241), which weighs 45 lb, is also available.