Childs Portion Plate

ITEM: 50883


Used by thousands of healthcare professionals and consumers, this colorful melamine plate (8¾" diameter) features whimsical cartoon characters that serve as visual cues for making healthy food selections. Reflects USDA nutritional guidelines. Dishwasher safe. A fun way to help children understand appropriate portion sizes and healthy food choices.

Reflecting USDA nutritional guidelines, this fun, colorful plate features whimsical food characters that help young children make healthy food choices. Includes space for fruits & vegetables, whole grains, and meat & proteins, as well as a small section for fats & oils. Great to help prevent childhood obesity.

Healthy eating has never looked more adorable! Designed to inspire young children to learn about healthy foods and portion sizes, this melamine plate uses engaging cartoon characters from the fruit, vegetable, grain, and protein groups to promote healthy eating. Reflects the USDA MyPlate nutritional guidelines. Dishwasher-safe. 8¾" diameter.