The ABCs of Smoking Flip Chart, English/Spanish

ITEM: 43106


From asthma to burns, cancer, drug interference, and more, this six-panel, English/Spanish flip chart presents alphabetical listings of conditions and diseases associated with smoking with full-color, graphic medical photography. Great for smoking cessation programs, health fairs, clinics, and more. Comes with English/Spanish presentation guide.

From A To Z, This 6-Panel, English/Spanish Flip Chart Spells Out Some Of The Many Health Hazards & Other Dangers Of Smoking. Great To Deter Tobacco Use.

This bilingual flip chart is actually two in one! Features an English version on one side and a Spanish version on the other. Presents an alphabetical listing of conditions and diseases caused by smoking with graphic medical photography and text identifying each condition. Drives home the point that smoking damages the entire body and is deadly. Comes with English/Spanish presentation guide. 6 panels. 12" x 17".