Teen Breast Health Pamphlet

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Use this teen-friendly, 4-panel handout to let young women know why breast health awareness is a healthy habit for life. The pamphlet covers how to perform breast self-examination (BSE) as a part of breast self-awareness using the basic method and the vertical pattern. Also discusses common causes of breast pain for teen girls, explains that breast lumps in teens are a common condition usually not requiring any treatment, and encourages teens to ask their healthcare professionals about any questions they may have about breast health. Minimum order is 50.

The Teen Breast Health Pamphlet is a great health education handout to teach young women the importance of breast health awareness. Order on our website!

Help young women learn the importance of breast health awareness. This pamphlet encourages teens to practice breast self-awareness, including understanding the normal look and feel of their breasts by performing breast self-exam (BSE). The pamphlet also covers common causes of teen breast pain, explains that breast lumps are common in teen girls and do not typically indicate a problem, and emphasizes developing a breast cancer screening schedule with their healthcare professional when they get older. 4 panels. Minimum order is 50.