BIOLIKE 2 Brain Model

ITEM: 27015


Made of soft, realistic BIOLIKE 2™, this model (6" x 5" x 3") closely resembles a human brain and is perfect for science, health, or anatomy instruction. Can also be used as a powerful visual tool in discussions about the effects of drugs and alcohol, the importance of helmet safety, concussion prevention, the consequences of violence, and more.

Made Of Soft, Lifelike Material, This Realistic Brain Model Is Perfect For Science, Health Or Anatomy Instruction. Great To Discuss Concussion Prevention.

Soft and tactile, this realistic BIOLIKE 2™ model of the brain is a great addition to anatomy lessons, science instruction, and more. Perfect for discussing the importance of protecting the brain against concussions, how alcohol and drugs affect the brain, and more. 6" x 5" x 3".