Diabetic Foot Model

ITEM: 26101


Life-size and lifelike, this diabetic foot model is ideal for patient education and student training. Made of BIOLIKE 2™ synthetic tissue, the model contains three ulcers in various stages of development along with other features commonly associated with diabetes. A graphic reminder of the importance of proper diabetic foot care.

Ideal For Patient Education, This Lifelike Model Of A Diabetic Foot Depicts Three Stages Of Diabetic Ulcers. Great Reminder For Proper Diabetic Foot Care.

Diabetic neuropathy quietly robs people of feeling in their extremities. Answer the need for a realistic model that can be used for student education and patient training.

Model features:

  • Stage 1 ulcer
  • Stage 2 ulcer
  • Stage 3–4 ulcer
  • Crack under fold of toe

Comes with instruction card and carrying case. 3½" x 9½" x 4". Diabetic Foot Model Set (item #26160), which features the Diabetic Foot Model and a Severe Diabetic Foot Model, also is available.