CPR Infant Manikin

ITEM: 84369


Practicing and teaching proper CPR techniques on an infant are made simple with this manikin. A single-user face shield with lung/airway system allows each student to have a clean, sanitary model every time. The breathing system is disposable. The perfect tool to teach infant resuscitation. Comes with three replacement shields/lungs. Latex-free. 26" long.

Teach infant CPR with this educational CPR infant manikin, which features a head tilt and chin lift, visual landmarks, and chest rise. See what’s included here!

Designed for training in infant CPR, this lifelike manikin features visual anatomical landmarks, such as the sternum and ribcage with substernal notch, and simulates a realistic head tilt/chin lift needed to open the airway. Chest rise demonstrates successful rescue breathing. A single-use airway/face shield system avoids cross-contamination and is easy to install. Comes with three replacement face shield/lungs. Latex-free. 26" long. 

Additional CPR Infant Replacement Face Shield/Lungs (Item #84368) also available.