What You Should Know About High Blood Pressure Folding Display

ITEM: 79285


Updated to reflect changes to American blood pressure guidelines released in November 2017, this eye-catching folding display explains what high blood pressure is, provides risk factors that are controllable and not controllable, details consequences of high blood pressure, and discusses ways to manage the condition. Perfect for health fairs and corporate wellness initiatives.

Educate your group about high blood pressure, and why controlling hypertension is important. Visit our site to learn more and order our folding display today!

Providing the essentials about high blood pressure, this folding display has been updated to reflect recent changes to American blood pressure guidelines. Describes what high blood pressure is and defines elevated blood pressure. Also covers risk factors that are not controllable, such as age; risk factors you can control; such as whether you smoke or are physically active; the health consequences associated with high blood pressure, such as heart attack and stroke; and ways to manage and control high blood pressure. An informative tool to raise awareness of a silent and potentially deadly condition. 58½" x 22½" opened.