Shaken Baby Syndrome Folding Display

ITEM: 79014


Describing symptoms of and ways to prevent shaken baby syndrome (also known as abuse head trauma), this folding display (58" x 22½") is an ideal educational tool for parents and infant caregivers. Includes information about dealing with a baby who won’t stop crying. An important resource to protect infants and young children from injury that is completely preventable.

Our educational folding display describes shaken baby syndrome (SBS) and how to prevent it. Perfect to teach parents and caregivers. Visit our site to order!

Help parents and caregivers protect vulnerable infants and young children from shaken baby syndrome (SBS), also called abusive head trauma. In easy-to-understand language, this folding display discusses what SBS is, what happens when a baby is shaken, the devastating injuries of SBS, signs of SBS, and how to prevent it from occurring. Also covers prevention of SBS by explaining why babies cry and what to do when a baby won’t stop crying. 58" x 22½" opened.