MyPlate Teaching Kit

ITEM: 78969


Everyone will relate to MyPlate with this comprehensive kit, which features five of our most popular MyPlate teaching tools. 

Educational Kit Includes:

  • MyPlate Plexiglas Display (Item #78940)
  • MyPlate Deluxe Faux Foods Package (Item #78955)
  • Nutrition Basics Flip Chart (Item #43326)
  • MyPlate Chart (Item #70151)
  • MyPlate Tear Pad (Item #52070)

With 3-D models, great visuals, and take-home handouts, the kit is perfect to spread MyPlate’s message of good nutrition.

Featuring five of our most popular MyPlate teaching tools, this kit is perfect for comprehensive MyPlate nutrition education. Order your MyPlate kit today!

Make MyPlate everybody’s plate with this comprehensive kit. The MyPlate Plexiglas Display (16½" x 16½" x 17½") features the MyPlate icon and shelves that facilitate food displays representing each of MyPlate’s food groups. Display also includes a front panel to allow presentation of foods in a secured display. The MyPlate Deluxe Faux Foods Package contains 41 foods from each of MyPlate’s food groups and food cards with nutrition information about each food. The 6-panel Nutrition Basics Flip Chart (12" x 17") features presentation notes on reverse panels and provides a basic overview of MyPlate. The laminated MyPlate Chart (18" x 24") and two-sided, 100-sheet MyPlate tear pad share key messages about each food group. A fun way to present MyPlate to audiences of all ages! Carrying case sold separately (Item #96489).