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Supportive Fathers Tear Pad Set (4)

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Written especially for fathers, this set of four English/Spanish tear pads is a great way to help expectant and new dads understand their important role and be an active father from the very beginning. Covering pregnancy through the postpartum period, the tear pads in this fatherhood education set highlight why dads matter and offer useful tips and strategies that expectant and new dads can use to support their partner and baby. Tear pads in the set include How Fathers Can Support Pregnancy, How Fathers Can Support Labor and Birth, How Fathers Can Support Breastfeeding, and How Fathers Can Support the Postpartum Mom. Each tear pad in the set is English on one side with Spanish on the other and has 100 sheets per pad.

Help fathers provide support to their partners from pregnancy through postpartum and breastfeeding with this educational set of tear pads. Learn more here!

Help expectant and new fathers support their partners and babies at every stage from pregnancy through the postpartum period with this new set of four fatherhood education tear pads. Each tear pad explains the valuable role dads play to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. Titles of the four tear pads in the set include:

Each tear pad is English on one side and Spanish on the other and has 100 sheets per pad. Perfect for childbirth education classes, new fathers classes, and more.