Life Unto Life Spiral Bound Charts

ITEM: 43302


Featuring warm illustrations of fetal development, these English/Spanish, spiral-bound charts (11" x 14") show actual fetal size month by month with LMP (last menstrual period) dating. The 12-page set includes images of conception and cell division, the developing embryo, and fetal development to full term. Comes with a copy of the Life Unto Life Booklet (Item #38535), which is also available separately.

With Warm Illustrations Of Fetal Development, These English/Spanish Bound Charts Show Actual Fetal Size Month By Month. Perfect For Childbirth Classes.

A beautiful resource, these spiral-bound charts feature warm drawings of a developing embryo and fetus at actual size using LMP (last menstrual period) dating. Includes images of conception and cell division, embryonic development, the developing placenta, and the developing fetus from 11 to 40 weeks of pregnancy. Also shows size of fetal footprints at 19, 26, 28, 30, 34, and 35–40 weeks, graphically depicting how every day and every week of pregnancy counts. Comes with one copy of the Life Unto Life Booklet (Item #38535), which also is available separately. Charts are bilingual English/Spanish. 12 pages. 11" x 14".