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Prenatal Care Flip Chart

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With six informative panels, this flip chart (12" x 17") emphasizes the need for prenatal care. Covers pre-pregnancy planning, nutrition during pregnancy, exercise and rest, pregnancy hazards, and symptoms you should never ignore. Features presentation notes on reverse panels.

Use this colorful flip chart to teach the importance of prenatal care. Covers nutrition, pregnancy hazards, exercise, rest & symptoms never to ignore.

Create an informative presentation on the importance of prenatal care and what your group should know to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. This flip chart covers pre-pregnancy planning (including taking prenatal vitamins, achieving a healthy weight, and more), nutrition during pregnancy (including nutritional needs and foods to avoid), getting adequate exercise and rest, hazards during pregnancy (such as alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, and some prescription and over-the-counter drugs), and symptoms to report immediately to a healthcare professional. Features presentation notes on reverse panels. 6 panels 12" x 17".