Peanut Ball, 40 cm

ITEM: 85171


The innovative peanut shape controls the motion in the center of this yellow exercise ball, providing great stability and support. Molded, heavy-duty, PVC ball can support up to 300 lb. Not made with natural rubber latex and phthalate-free. Ball measures 40-cm (16") diameter; 35" long.

The innovative 40-cm peanut exercise ball controls motion in the center and provides extra support and stability for pregnant women. Visit our site to order!

Because of its innovative peanut shape, this yellow exercise ball is easier to control and only rotates forward and backward. The middle offers extra support to patients and laboring mothers. Also adds to any fitness program by aiding the development of muscles, coordination, and balance. Can support up to 300 lb. PVC ball is not made with natural rubber latex, is phthalate-free, and measures 40-cm (16") diameter; 35" long.