Contraceptive Education Starter Package

ITEM: 79375


Increase understanding about contraceptive use and safe sex with this package. 


  • Female Pelvis Contraceptive Model (Item #26462)
  • Economy Condom Training Model (Item #27006)
  • Contraceptive Awareness Guide Display (Item #79221)
  • 50 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Booklets (Item #40039)
Our contraceptive education package includes visuals, handouts, and male and female contraceptive models. Learn more about our contraceptive teaching tool here!

Provide a comprehensive understanding about contraceptive use and safe-sex options with this package, which includes two models, a framed guide, and 50 booklets.

The Contraceptive Awareness Guide Display covers current contraceptive options along with the advantages and disadvantages of each method. The Female Pelvis Contraceptive Model and the Economy Condom Training Model allow for training in proper usage of contraceptives. The Sexually Transmitted Diseases Booklet (50 included) warns about the dangers of unprotected sexual activity and teaches disease-preventing behaviors.