Osteoporosis of the Spine Model

ITEM: 84078


Most people know that osteoporosis can cause the spine to become curved, and this model shows why. The model (6" x 10" x 8") allows viewers an up-close look at spinal abnormalities that include a vertebral compression fracture and kyphosis. The model’s lifelike, hard-cast vertebrae and soft BIOLIKE 2™ spinal cord and discs can be disassembled for closer inspection. Mounted on base. Great for explaining osteoporosis to patients and students.

Explain how osteoporosis can curve the spine with this educational model. The model shows spinal abnormalities caused by osteoporosis. Visit our site to order!

This model allows students and patients to see common abnormalities of osteoporosis of the spine, including a vertebral compression fracture and kyphosis. Features hard-cast vertebrae and soft, lifelike BIOLIKE 2™ spinal cord and discs. Model comes apart for closer inspection. Great for clinics and general health communication, this durable replica is mounted on a sturdy base. 6" x 10" x 8".