Portion Patrol Activity Set

ITEM: 79768


In a world of oversized portions, how can anyone know what an appropriate portion size is? Use this lineup of 12 food models to help your group learn to pick out appropriate portion sizes and cut extra calories. Comes with a comprehensive activity guide. Great for promoting portion understanding and awareness to help prevent excess calorie intake, which can lead to overweight and obesity.

Great for nutrition education and to explain portion control, this interactive set includes 12 food models and a detailed activity guide. Order your set now!

Teaching portion-size awareness is easy with this activity set of 12 faux foods. Four common foods (orange juice, peanuts, spaghetti, and beef) come in three sizes, each labeled on the back by size and number of calories. Among nine suggested activities in the activity guide, participants can be asked to identify models that match preferred portion sizes. A fun way for participants to learn about eating appropriately sized portions to help prevent health problems, such as overweight and obesity.