Asthma Easel Display

ITEM: 79740


Explain the breathtaking effects of an asthma attack with these handpainted 3-D models. The first model depicts part of the respiratory system showing where the bronchioles are located. The second and third models show a normal bronchiole and a bronchiole affected by asthma. Great for patient education.

Our asthma display features 3-D models that depict what happens during an asthma attack. It’s ideal for patient and student education. Visit our site to order!

Using 3-D, cross-sectional models, this easel display demonstrates the effects of an asthma attack on bronchial tubes. Includes handpainted models of the respiratory system, a normal bronchiole, and a bronchiole during an asthma attack. Comes with protective fleece cover. 9" x 12".