Hazards During Pregnancy Folding Display

ITEM: 79349


Provide moms-to-be and families with critical information about things that can be harmful to both mother and baby. Covers diseases and infections, chemicals, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and more. A great resource for childbirth education classes or prenatal care clinics.

A great prenatal education resource, our Hazards During Pregnancy Folding Display is perfect to educate about things to avoid in pregnancy. Learn more here!

Pregnancy is a time to make good decisions for the health of mother and baby. This informative folding display examines hazards to avoid during pregnancy and the consequences of exposure. Covers diseases and infections, including sexually transmitted diseases; chemical exposure; tobacco; alcohol; other drugs; and other hazards, including injuries and violence, inappropriate or overly strenuous exercise; and more. Also offers tips for staying healthy during pregnancy. 58" x 22½" opened.