Harry's Scary Tongue Display

ITEM: 79275


Stick out your tongue and say, “Gross!” A great way to combat the idea that smoking or using smokeless tobacco is glamorous, this fun display (15" x 13½" x 16½") demonstrates that using tobacco can have nasty and potentially deadly consequences. Made of lifelike BIOLIKE 2™ synthetic tissue, Harry’s tongue shows “hairy tongue” on one side and tongue cancer and leukoplakia (a condition that can turn cancerous) on the other. Easy-to-understand text explains each condition. A great display to get young people to say “no” to tobacco use.

This fun, educational display combats the idea that smoking or smokeless tobacco use is glamorous by showing tobacco’s nasty effects on the tongue. Order now!

Perfect for showing what tobacco use can do to the tongue, this display encourages kids to say no to cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Harry’s giant, two-sided tongue is made of BIOLIKE 2™ and portrays hairy tongue on one side and leukoplakia (whitish patches in the mouth or throat that can become cancerous) and tongue cancer on the other. Easy-to-read text on the display explains each condition. Great for any no-smoking or anti-tobacco program. 15" x 13½" x 16½".