Tobacco Body Count Display, US

ITEM: 79083


This interactive display (14" x 21") combines the power of sight and sound to awaken your audience to the startling reality of the number of people killed by tobacco. Detailed activity guide allows you to show how deaths from tobacco are vastly more common than other causes of death and how simple it is for everyone to turn the odds in their favor. Wonderful for anti-tobacco programs and promotions for smoking cessation.

Great for anti-tobacco programs, our interactive display is a powerful teaching tool to reveal tobacco's startling death count. Visit our site to learn more!

Smoking is the most preventable cause of death, and this display and related activities graphically demonstrate the enormity of the problem. Using colored marbles and somber artwork, the display turns statistics about tobacco deaths into a startling and powerful reality. Comes with a detailed activity guide that explains how to use the display for multiple activities, including a comparison of the number of deaths from tobacco against the number of deaths from other common causes. Creates an unforgettable anti-tobacco message. Grade 3–Adult. 14" x 21".