Death Breath Display

ITEM: 78974


This interactive display (10" x 20½") literally stinks! Designed to simulate foul smoker’s breath, Death Breath™ delivers a blast of noxious, stinky fumes each time it exhales. The smell mimics the unpleasant odor produced when oral bacteria mixes with tobacco smoke exhaled from the lungs of a smoker. Great for use with young audiences to deter any notion that smoking is a glamorous habit.

Use this interactive display to teach students how smoking gives smokers foul breath, making them socially unappealing. Order this anti-smoking display online!

Revealing how smoking can damage your social profile, this display highlights one of smoking’s unattractive effects—it can lead to embarrassing, foul-smelling breath. Death Breath™ emits an unpleasant stench through its mouth, which mimics the unpleasant aroma of oral bacteria buildup mixed with exhaled tobacco smoke from a smoker’s lungs. Great for anti-tobacco lessons or to inspire smoking cessation. 10" x 20½".