Life or Death of a Heart Display

ITEM: 78216


A heart attack is the often sudden outcome of a long series of events. This versatile display (12¾" x 17") illustrates these complex events in an easy-to-understand anatomy of a heart attack. Removable BIOLIKE 2™ models of a healthy heart, damaged heart, and blocked coronary artery help enliven the discussion about coronary heart disease. Great for heart health education.

Revealing how coronary heart disease and a heart attack can occur, this display features realistic models of a healthy heart and a damaged heart and artery.

With easy-to-understand text and removable models, this display highlights the development of coronary heart disease and how a heart attack can result. Features lifelike BIOLIKE 2™ models of a healthy heart, a damaged heart, and an enlarged, blocked coronary artery. Audience members can pick up the models and examine them for a closer look. The display is perfect for discussing how atherosclerosis develops and what happens when a heart attack occurs. A wonderful addition to heart-health lessons and to promote heart-healthy nutrition and physical activity. 12¾" x 17".