Weighed Down Activity

ITEM: 76140


In a sensitive manner, this set provides students with an interactive understanding of how excess body weight can impact their mobility and overall health. Features a large, 4"-thick pad that attaches around the midsection and two 2"-thick pads that simulate added weight in the thighs. Each pad has an adjustable strap. Students perform a series of activities without and then with the pads and are asked how the extra weight affected their mobility. Comes with activity guide designed for use with Grades 3–6.

Provide students with an interactive and sensitive understanding of how overweight and obesity can affect their mobility and overall health. Discover more here!

Overweight and obesity are serious health issues, and overweight young people are at risk of becoming overweight adults. This activity set features one large, 4"-thick torso pad and two 2"-thick thigh pads, each with adjustable straps, that allow wearers to experience the decreased mobility that comes with unhealthy weight gain. Students perform a series of activities—such as tying their shoes and getting off the floor—without wearing the pads, and then they perform the same activities with the pads while describing how their mobility is impacted. Comes with a detailed activity guide with instructions for four activities and discussion points. A great way for sensitively dealing with a serious health problem. For use with Grades 3–6.