Balancing Act of Food and Fitness Activity

ITEM: 75374


By answering questions and placing discs that represent calories on this limber-armed balancing man, players get a tangible lesson in how the foods they eat must be counterbalanced with calorie-burning activities. A fun, interactive way to motivate players to balance their calorie intake with physical activity for overall health and well-being.

This fun activity is the perfect way to teach how to balance calories with physical activity for maintaining a healthy weight. Visit our site to learn more!

Balancing calories taken in through food and calories burned through activity is key to weight management and overall health. This engaging, interactive balancing man model teaches players about the types of choices they need to make to achieve that balance. On each turn, players answer questions about nutrition and fitness and end up with one food and one activity. Players then place the calorie discs on the model to see how that food and activity balance. A great way to motivate players to think about maintaining overall calorie balance for general health and well-being. Includes detailed presentation guide with instructions, 20 food cards, 20 activity cards, 50 calorie discs, and balance model. 12" x 12½" x 2½".