What's Your Poison? Display

ITEM: 72090


Use this engaging, interactive, 3-D display (18" x 26" x 8") to teach your audience about the poisons lurking in tobacco smoke. The display associates the poisons in tobacco—such as arsenic, butane, benzene, and ammonia—with other products containing the same poisons. Background text explains each poison and its damaging effect on the body. Cigarette packs not included.

Make a powerful case against smoking with this 3-D display. It associates tobacco smoke's poisons with other products containing those same poisons. Order now!

Make a powerful case against smoking with this engaging 3-D display. Associates the poisons in tobacco smoke—such as arsenic, butane, benzene, ammonia, naphthalene, tar, and more—with products containing these chemicals, such as mothballs, insecticide, and toilet bowl cleaner. Explanatory text on the display’s background details each poison and how it harms the body. A great way to deter smoking and inspire smoking cessation. Cigarette packs not included. 18" x 26" x 8".