Effects of Drinking ... Too Much Display

ITEM: 72082


Featuring 3-D models behind an acrylic cover and explanatory text, this display (24" x 19" x 1½") is an entertaining and hard-hitting way to highlight some of the many harmful consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. Discusses drunken driving and collisions, blackouts and memory loss, liver disease, mouth and throat cancer, obesity, and more. Great for alcohol abuse education and awareness.

This fun display uses 3-D models and informative text to explain some of the many negative physical and social consequences of alcohol abuse. Learn more!

Humorous with a hard-hitting twist, this 3-D display showcases some of the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Highlights law breaking and aggression, heart disease and stroke, accidents and driving ban, unplanned pregnancy, obesity, addiction, liver disease, and more. Framed with a protective acrylic cover and ready to hang. 24" x 19" x 1½".