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Understanding Fatherhood USB

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Fathers learn about the essential role they play from pregnancy, birth, and beyond in this lively program on USB that features evidence-based information from experts, advice from real dads, and a touch of humor. The flexible program includes 11 video clips and facilitates reflection and sharing among viewers. Grade 8–Adult. Approx. 40 minutes. ©2020

The Understanding Fatherhood Program on USB teaches fathers about the important role they have in their baby's and child's life. Visit our site to order today!

Designed for expectant and new fathers, this program on USB helps dads understand their important new role. With reflections from real-life dads and information from a fatherhood expert, the program uses humor and understanding to help get fatherhood off to the right start.

Includes 11 video clips covering a variety of topics, including:

  • The Importance of Fathers

  • The Pregnant Father

  • Partner in Birth

  • Connecting With a Newborn

  • Partner Communication

  • Depression in Dads

  • The Joy of Fatherhood

  • Supporting Breastfeeding

  • And Much More!

Comes with facilitator’s guide and parent handouts. Grade 8–Adult. Approx. 40 minutes. ©2020 [closed captioned]