Magnified Anatomical Heart Model

ITEM: 64509


Demonstrate anterior, posterior, and interior views, and the valve details of the heart with this four times life-size model (8" x 8" x 11¾") that dissects into four parts. Rests on hard plastic base. Great for educating patients and for elementary science classes and anatomy lessons

Great for patient and student education, this magnified anatomical heart model dissects into four parts for comprehensive instruction.Visit our site to order!

Four times life-size, this heart model is ideal for patient education or introductory science classes. Dissectible into three parts:

  • Atriums and Major Vessels
  • Anterior Heart Wall
  • Ventricles of the Heart

The parts show anterior, posterior, and interior views along with valve details. Rests on hard plastic base. 8" x 8" x 11¾".