Little Anne Manikin 4-Pack

ITEM: 56199


An economical way to teach CPR techniques to your group, the Little Anne™ 4-Pack includes:

  • 4 Little Anne Manikins
  • Training Mat
  • 8 Faces
  • 8 Airways
  • 24 Wipes
An economical way to teach CPR techniques, the Little Anne™ 4-Pack includes four adult CPR manikins, training mat and accessories. Visit our site to learn more!

Little Anne is a realistic, inexpensive, lightweight adult CPR training manikin that offers all the essential training features. Designed with the user and instructor in mind, Little Anne provides airway obstruction and chest rise for realistic training. Airway can be opened using head-tilt/chin-lift or jaw-thrust techniques. A “clicker” confirms correct compression depth, and a compression spring provides consistent resistance. The integrated chest plate and stomach band offer extra durability. The 4-Pack includes four manikins, training mat, eight faces, eight airways, 24 wipes, and directions for use. Each manikin is 52" long.