Advanced Geri Manikin

ITEM: 56098


Ideal for preparing students to work with geriatric patients, the Advanced Geri Manikin features an elderly appearance with skin wrinkles and folds. The versatile manikin allows instruction in more than 35 nursing and medical procedures. With a lifelike range of motion, Geri permits realistic patient positioning and features non-pinching joints. Geri’s overall appearance is female, but attaching the male genitals converts the manikin for male catheterization and prostate exam simulations. Perfect for all levels of healthcare education, from nursing asssistants to medical students. Meets all OBRA requirements.

The Advanced Geri Manikin provides the ultimate in nursing training, facilitating instruction in more than 35 nursing and medical procedures. Learn more here!

Allowing instruction in more than 35 nursing and medical procedures, the Advanced Geri Auscultation Manikin features more functioning simulations than most manikins. This manikin has realistic heart and lung sounds for realistic auscultation training. The instructor can select auscultation sounds from a variety of heart and lung conditions using a wireless remote control and the student must palpate the manikin to identify the correct auscultation sites and hear the different heart and lung sounds as the SmartScope is moved to various locations on the manikin. Lung sounds can be detected at five anterior and 12 posterior locations, and students can practice auscultation at six anterior heart sites. Also facilitates training in urinary catheterization, prostate examination, ostomy care, tracheotomy care, gastrostomy care, oral hygiene, ear and eye irrigation, patient transfer techniques, intramuscular injection, bandaging and wound dressing, enema administration, Pap smears and douching, nasogastric tube placement, and more. A right IV training arm and a left blood pressure training arm are also included. The lifelike IV arm features replaceable skin and latex veins that actually roll when palpated. A realistic flashback confirms proper needle placement and the shoulder can be used for intramuscular injection training. The blood pressure arm reproduces five Korotkoff sounds and allows the instructor to vary systolic and diastolic levels pulse rate volume and auscultatory gap. Includes remote control with LCD display and SmartScope. 62" long.