Breastology Bag™ Training Model

ITEM: 54102


Use the six soft-sculpture breast models in this handy tote bag to promote early detection of breast cancer. Helpful in training women how to feel for lumps and to know the difference among normal tissue, fibrocystic tissue, and breast lumps. Each model has instructions printed on the back and is 7" diameter. Great for any women’s health program.

The Breastology Bag contains 6 soft breast models that help women feel for lumps & understand how breast abnormalities feel. Great for cancer awareness.

Perfect for promoting early detection of breast cancer through breast self-exam as a part of breast self-awareness, the Breastology Bag is great for individuals or groups. Six soft-sculpture breasts, which come in a handy tote bag, can be used to learn the basics of breast anatomy and how to feel for breast changes as well as understand the differences among normal, fibrocystic, and harmful lumps. Instructions are printed on the back of each model. Models and tote bag are machine-washable. Each model is 7" diameter. Tote bag measures 10" x 12".