Less Fat, More Filling Tear Pad

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Award Winner! 

As this fun, two-sided tear pad reveals, cutting down on fat doesn’t mean that you have to eat less. Provides eight examples that show a large amount of one food next to a small amount of a similar food that has the same amount of fat. 100 sheets per pad. 

Explain how you can eat more food & consume less fat! This 100-sheet tear pad shows how making wise food choices means you can eat more food with less fat.

Award Winner! 

What? Less fat can actually mean more food? Colorful tear pad shows eight dramatic examples of a large amount of one food having about the same amount of fat as a small amount of a similar food. Comparisons include plain bagels with a glazed doughnut, low-fat vanilla yogurt with vanilla ice cream, thin-crust veggie pizza with pan pizza with meat toppings, 1% milk with whole milk, and more. Two-sided. 100 sheets per pad.