Baby Building™ Breastfeeding Tear Pad, English/Spanish

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1 – 4$24.00
5 – 9$23.00
10 – 49$20.00
50 +$18.00


Help mothers understand the importance of healthy food choices while they are breastfeeding. This English/Spanish tear pad highlights why moms should adopt the same healthy food habits developed during pregnancy while they are breastfeeding their babies. Provides healthy food choices from each food group, explains that some foods should be avoided, and emphasizes adequate fluid intake. 100 sheets per pad.

This 100-sheet, English/Spanish tear pad explains why moms need to make healthy food choices while they are breastfeeding. Great for lactation education.

Great for lactation education, this take-home resource is perfect for counseling breastfeeding mothers about nutrition. Explains the importance of continuing a healthy diet while breastfeeding and provides healthy food selections from each food group. Also discusses foods to avoid and getting adequate fluids. English on one side and Spanish on the other. 100 sheets per pad.