Childbearing: The Classic Series Small Flip Chart

ITEM: 50702


In this desk-size (11" x 8½") version of our Childbearing: The Classic Series Large Flip Chart (Item #50701), full-color illustrations detail female and male reproductive anatomy, conception, fetal development, pregnancy changes, birth, and newborn appearance. Also features more than 70 detailed line drawings on reverse panels with additional topics. Includes related Spanish terms. Bottom of flip chart folds out to create its own stand. A wonderful, comprehensive resource. 23 panels.

In a convenient desk-size, this spiral-bound flip chart features color illustrations that detail the entire childbearing process, from female and male reproductive anatomy to conception, fetal development, pregnancy, birth, and newborn appearance. Unfolds to create its own stand. Includes related Spanish terms.

Perfect for presenting the entire process of childbirth, this desk-size (11" x 8½") flip chart features specialized, full-color illustrations on the front panels along with more than 70 detailed line drawings on the reverse panels that cover additional topics and provide comprehensive information. Related Spanish terms are also included. Bottom of flip chart folds out to create its own stand.

Color Panels Present:

  • Female and Male Reproductive Anatomy
  • Conception
  • First, Second, and Third Trimester
  • Cervical Effacement and Dilation
  • Internal Exam During Labor
  • Internal Rotation
  • Extension
  • Fetal Head Emerging
  • Crowning
  • Extension Complete
  • External Rotation (Restitution)
  • External Rotation (Shoulder Rotation)
  • Expulsion
  • Newborn
  • First Contact
  • Placental Separation and Expulsion
  • Newborn Appearance and Procedures
  • Family

The comprehensive, engaging illustrations make this flip chart ideal for presenting the topic of childbirth. 23 panels.