Pocket Guide For Lactation Management, 4th Edition

ITEM: 50370


The revised and updated fourth edition of this popular, spiral-bound pocket guide is a must-have resource for lactation consultants, women's healthcare providers, and all clinicians who counsel breastfeeding families. Discusses a full range of breastfeeding issues, including normal breastfeeding, breast and nipple issues, baby feeding problems, and much more. The easy-to-use appendices cover multiple breastfeeding topics, such as breastfeeding positions, protocol for estimating breastmilk transfer, and expression of breastmilk. 344 pages. ©2022

The Pocket Guide for Lactation Management is a great resource for lactation consultants as they counsel breastfeeding mothers. Visit our site to order today!

Covering breastfeeding and public health, 10 steps for breastfeeding success at hospitals and birth centers, and so much more, the revised fourth edition of this popular lactation reference is an ideal resource for professionals working with breastfeeding mothers. The convenient guide offers a variety of problem-solving strategies for multiple breastfeeding issues. Chapters include the approach to lactation counseling, community support for breastfeeding, breastfeeding management issues, and more. Easy-to-use appendices provide quick-reference charts and diagrams for rapid assessment. Also depicts typical stool colors of breastfed infants as well as typical shades of colostrum, transition milk, and mature breastmilk. 344 pages. Spiral-bound paperback. ©2022