Pocket Guide for Lactation Management, Third Edition

ITEM: 50131


With a variety of easy-to-use assessment tools, such as quick-reference charts, updated growth expectations, and diagrams, the completely revised third edition of this convenient, 310-page pocket guide is a great resource for lactation consultants to use as they assist breastfeeding mothers dealing with common breastfeeding problems. ©2017

This Convenient Pocket Guide Is A Great Resource To Assist Breastfeeding Mothers Deal With Common Breastfeeding Problems. Great For Lactation Consultants.

Conveniently organized by issue, the completely revised third edition of this pocket guide enables new and experienced lactation professionals to help breastfeeding mothers resolve challenges, such as sore nipples, baby’s slow weight gain, and basic sucking problems. Includes quick-reference charts, algorithms, and diagrams for rapid assessment. Also depicts typical stool colors of breastfed infants, as well as typical shades of colostrum, transition milk, and mature breastmilk. A perfect resource for common situations dealing with breastfeeding and lactating mothers. 310 pages. Spiral-bound paperback. ©2017